Welcome to the FoodChek lab tour featuring
Actero™ Listeria Enrichment Media (Elite)

Before you take the tour

For you to have the best experience, we recommend viewing this interactive presentation on your desktop or laptop computer. Please read the following instructions on how to move through the presentation.

How to get started

Click on “TAKE THE LAB TOUR” button below and begin by scrolling with your external mouse or finger on a mouse pad in order to move through the presentation. If you have a touch screen, move your finger on the screen up and down to scroll. You can also move forward or backward in the presentation at any time by scrolling.


On the “left” side of the presentation, you will notice a menu bar that opens when you scroll or tap over the area. This menu bar will allow you to choose specific areas in the presentation for immediate navigation.

“Fact” bubbles

As you are scrolling through the presentation, watch for the “Fact” bubbles that will appear for you to click or tap the link and open for valuable food safety testing information. Be sure to read all information before moving onto the next step in the presentation.