The science of FoodChek™.
How does it work?

The FoodChek MICT magnetic nanotechnology uses a compact desktop based diagnostic reading device (the “MICT Reader”) and reports the test results from disposable assay cassettes loaded with food samples that have been previously enriched with Actero Enrichment Media for bacterial growth. Together, the two key FoodChek components, the MICT Reader and the Actero Enrichment Media, satisfy the most important requirements in food safety pathogen testing – faster “time-to-results” and accuracy. The MICT Reader does not require a sophisticated technician in a commercial lab and is an automated, quantitative test that allows for tracking, recording and printing of test results. The FoodChek MICT System is at least one order of magnitude more sensitive than PCR testing and a two order of magnitude higher than traditional (ELISA) tests.

Assay Screening Phase
How does it work?

The food sample, which has been incubated with the FoodChek Patent Pending Actero Enrichment Media, is initially placed into the sample strip opening of the test cassette.  As the sample moves along the lateral flow membrane strip, target antigens within the sample attach themselves to super paramagnetic iron particles. The target antigens will then make their way over the test line and if they bind to the corresponding antibodies, the attached super paramagnetic iron particles will give off a signal indicating a positive result. If they do not, it will test negative as measured by the magnetic field producing a voltage.

How does it work?

The format of MICT® assays is similar to other lateral flow tests, however, magnetic nanoparticles replace the gold or colored latex particles used in visually read tests. Unlike conventional immunoassays, magnetic measurement is not interfered with by other molecules in the sample or by non-uniform distribution of the pathogen-antibody complex in the capture region of the cassette.

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