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Viewing Salmonella

Development and Evaluation of a New Rapid Method for Detection of Salmonella in Meat and Poultry

Poster Presentation at the 2016 IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo in Chicago, Illinois held July 16 to 19, 2016

Introduction:  Despite control and prevention efforts, Salmonella infections arising from contaminated meat and poultry continue to be a significant problem, with millions of cases occurring each year. Conventional methods for the detection of Salmonella can require up to seven days for a positive result and are not appropriate for routine testing of large numbers of samples. Thus, the development and implementation of rapid detection methods of Salmonella are among the most important food safety tasks.

Objective:  This study was to develop a sensitive and rapid method for Salmonella detection in meat and poultry, including raw ground beef, raw ground chicken and chicken carcass rinses. This study included validation of a new protocol based on single-step enrichment with Actero™ Salmonella Enrichment Media followed by detection using the DuPont™ BAX® System Real-Time PCR Assay for Salmonella.

Presenting Authors:

FoodChek Laboratories:  Dr. Sergiy Olishevskyy, Cathy St-Laurent, Melissa Buzinhani, Michael Giuffre

Dupont Nutrition & Health:  Morgan Wallace