Why Salus Scientific?

Salus Scientific Inc. is a private research-based company headquartered in Calgary Alberta, Canada, with FoodChek Laboratories Inc. being its wholly owned research and development laboratory located in Ste-Julie, Quebec, Canada.

The Company’s mandate is to simplify food and viral safety, with a mission to be the leading global developer and provider of proprietary and standard:

  1. Actero™ brand of rapid and accurate food safety tests for the detection of pathogens throughout the human and pet food production chains, and
  2. Vitram™ brand of clinical viral and bacterial transport solutions.

Not often does employment with a new company present as much opportunity as a career with Salus.

Great ideas require the support of great individuals. At Salus we are instigating a revolution in the microbial pathogen testing and clinical transport solutions industries, and we require the best employees to drive this momentum!

Working both independently and as part of a team, the most successful employees at Salus are those who focus their energy towards providing our clients with real value in the form of healthy relationships. Respect, understanding, and transparent communication drives everything we do at every level.

While experience in food and clinical sciences, sales and distribution are considered assets, we are invested more in the type of personality and work ethic you possess. We firmly believe that the right attitude and skill set will contribute much more to your success than experience alone.

For a dynamic career that presents rewarding challenges, limitless potential, and compensation that reflects the value we see in our employees, look no further than Salus Scientific Inc.

When seeking employment at FoodChek Laboratories Inc., fluency in the French language is considered an asset.


Thank you for your interest in Salus Scientific Inc. and FoodChek Laboratories Inc. There are no employment opportunities at this time.

Looking for more?

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