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Food safety is paramount.

With the right food safety protocols and testing, corporate brands, their management and consumers are protected from harmful food contaminants like Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli.

To help keep food safe, FoodChek™ develops game-changing media formulations for the enrichment, recovery, isolation, culture, and detection of foodborne and environmental pathogens. With the fastest ‘time-to-results’ on the market today in combination with advanced technology for accurate results, our Actero™ ELITE Enrichment Media creates a significant difference in the lab and the corporation.

Explore the lab to learn how Actero™ ELITE Enrichment Media improves workflow testing efficiencies by as much as 25% and increase your bottom line profitability
by as much as 10 to 20% per test.

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Why the Food Industry Needs Better Food Testing

Risks of Not Testing or Inaccurate Food Testing


Safer and more accurate test results in record time.
Experience significant savings in your lab using ACTERO™ ELITE Media.

Economic Benefits and the Case for Change

5 Reasons to use Actero™ ELITE Media

How to Streamline Laboratory Processes

Carefully follow our steps and guidelines for accurate test results, every time.

  • Time
  • Volume Used
  • Temperature

IMPORTANT: Failure to follow package insert instructions may lead to false results.

Test Your Environmental Sample for Listeria

Test Your Food Sample for Listeria

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Prepare your Actero™ ELITE Media

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